4 Custom Toddler Food and Snacks (Updated 10th Nov, 2017)


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The Sims 4 MOD: 4 Custom Toddler Food and Snacks (Updated 10th Nov, 2017)

Update – 15th Nov 2017

— Gluttony pets can eat the foods ( except Choco Flakes. I have blocked all things Chocolate for them ! )

Update – 10, Nov, 2017 : Pets Patch

— Updated to Pets Patch (PC – / Mac

Mod Description

Adds four custom foods to the game. Toddler and Snack ready!

Requires Custom Food Interactions_LatestVersion

The 4 custom foods added are –

1. Sweet Curd

2. Veggie Bite

3. Banana Split

4. Choco Flakes


— Available from Grab Custom Food For Toddler menu from Fridge

— Available Grab Custom Snack from Fridge and Cooler (Outdoor retreat GP)

— Also available from Give Custom Food To toddler from Toddler High Chair

— The snack option costs 7 simoleons each ( Banana Split has a higher price)
— No ingredients required
— no multi serving and cooking steps 9 as this is a snack)
—Marked as Vegetarian safe
— Has Custom Bowls
— Can be packed into Sack Lunch (Parenthood GP)
— Can be found in restaurants under Appetizers (Dineout GP)

— Can be sold from craft sales table ( City Living EP)

Requirement :

Requires Custom Food Interactions_LatestVersion

Made with Game Version PC Version

Base Game Compatible

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod


-Sims 4 studio


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