Loft set

CREATED BY Syboulette


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This is a massive build set in the vibe of loft/brick style. It contains a lot of very difficult items to make, including: 2 fences, 1 railing, 1 spandrel, 2 gates, 1 column, 2 friezes, 2 platforms, 2 foundations, 1 staircase, 6 arches, 3 doors, 4 planters, 2 windows, 4 floors, 3 walls and 3 fireplaces ! Everything is functional and modular and the brick are available in 6 swatches (red, beige, grey, black, raw white and painted white). Hope you’ll like it !


  • Includes 39 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • All build items are fully functional


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