a la ferme part 8: Entrance

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This is the eigth and final set of the farm/cottage collection for now ! There will be more coming later, but I feel like changing subject a little to not worn me out and explore some different style for a while. This set contains a new fence with high stone walls, and because EA have an oriented automatic fencing system, I made two versions with different orientation so you can individually chose on which side you want the roof tiles to be. It is assorted with three wooden/ironwrought/arch gates, a functional rotating water wheel, hortensia flowers, a farm sign with both english and simlish writing, and a functional mailbox.

Hope you liked this whole serie (128 items in total) ! Thanks for staying me this month ❤

  • Includes 13 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Most items are low poly, EXCEPT the ironwrought gate (15k) and the hydrangea bushes (14k and 8k for large and medium sizes)
  • The sign is available in both english and simlish writing
  • The waterwheels are animated and functional (and can be turned on and off)


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