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The Sims 3 Neverglade

Description: A sleepy hamlet nestled at the feet of several hills and mountains.

Creator: Pyronium3

Stage: Finished



Custom Content: None

Populated: No

This world was created by Pyronium3 in 2010 with the aim of providing a free world for the exchange that rivaled EA’s premium worlds…   and that’s exactly what he made! Neverglade is as detailed as any EA world available for download or in an expansion pack.

So what does the world have?

Neverglade is a small town nestled in a valley of mountains , with its own lakes, rivers and forests spread throughout the landscape. As you can see from the photos, the world is huge, yet it never feels like your sims are secluded from the rest of the community, or too far away from a neighbour.

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  1. Gguy

    I don’t usually tend to download custom worlds because most of them either rely too heavily on custom content and or they just feel excluded from the established “lore” of the sims series. Neverglade falls into neither of those categories. It has a rich and realistic landscape, nice architecture, a background story inspired by sims lore and really succeeds at offering players an experience that feels new, but familiar at the same time. If you like Maxis-like worlds, but want something new, you should definitely give Neverglade a try! It’s a great place to visit no matter if you’re starting a new playthrough or moving an existing family from another neighborhood.

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