Ziwa Bonde



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The Sims 3 Ziwa Bonde

Description: Two tribal communities set in a wild and remote African landscape.




Stage: Finished

Custom Content: Some (not included in download)

Store Content: Safari Set and Sunlit Tides

Populated: Yes

“Ziwa Bonde is a wild and remote place in the heart of Africa. Explore its savannas and jungles, look for hidden treasures, climb volcanoes, etc. Meet the two tribes that live in this world and visit their villages. This is the perfect destination for the most adventurous! All this and much more, in Ziwa Bonde.” -Nilxis


To find out more and download, visit Nilxis’s page here.


World size: 2048×2048 (large)
Number of Residential Lots: 28
Number of Community Lots: 43
Rabbitholes/Community lots included: Town Hall, Hospital, School, Graveyard, etc. There are some community lots and rabbitholes missing due to that they didn’t fit in the world’s theme.
Number of households included: 17
File weight: 85 MB (unpopulated), 88 MB (populated)
Routing done: Yes
Spawners: Almost them all
Custom content is not included in the world download, but can be downloaded separately below. Please note that this world is not playable without the following CC:
-Rabbithole Rugs by Jynx: http://customsims3.com/forums/thread-53.html  (Town Hall, Hopsital, School, Mausoleum, Grocery Store and  Military)
The rest is optional, but it is advised you include it in the world in order to enjoy it to its full potential:
-Equestrian Centre door by hexameter: http://customsims3.com/forums/thread-967.html
-2 fences by Luna: http://lunasimslulamai.jimdo.com/set-chirnguito-playero/ (luna_fencecañizo and luna_fencecañizo2)

-Medieval plumbing by The Merrye Makers: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=463851 (D&M Medieval Shower and daluved1_YeOleChamberPotOnYeOleStool)
-Medieval Kitchen by The Merrye Makers: : http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=465512 (D&M Medieval Sink)

You can also download them all in one here:

DOWNLOAD: CC_ZiwaBonde.package

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