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The Sims 3 Mesa Grande

Creator: aaronrogers8i3 

Stage: Complete

Requires: Base game only =)

To find out more and download the world, visit aaronrogers8i3’s post on the Sims 3 Forum or visit the maker’s blog at Create A World.

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  1. Holly

    when i load up the game the rabbit hole buildings aren’t there therefore it isn’t functional.

  2. Graceymanor

    The world indeed is functional.You have to have a mod called “Rabbit Hole rugs” to use this world as the rabbit hole lots are hidden, to keep the appearance of the world.It is a very beautiful rural world and most definitely functional.You just have to read the instructions properly.

  3. Nicole

    I had the same issue and downloaded the rabbit hole rugs. However, they don’t show up and I’m not sure how to make them work; something about putting them in the CAW folder instead of the mods/packages folder. I don’t have CAW and found a download for it through the forums, but haven’t gone further yet. If you have tips (especially since this could help the next cc noobs like me) that would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Nicole

    For those who need to know, I downloaded the Rabbit Rugs from and ran the game. The buildings would still not show in the world.

    I uninstalled the world through the launcher (the menu that appears before the game begins), then reinstalled it by placing the Mesa Grande.Sims3Pack into this path Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads, then installed through the launcher. After that, I moved it from the Installed Worlds (same path as Downloads) to the Worlds folder located at this path: C:/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/The Sims 3/GameData/Shared/NonPackaged/Worlds *BTW I used SimsLife’s Install Custom Worlds video on YouTube to help me with this process.

    I then added the FullBuildMesaGrande.package from the Zip in the Custom Content folder to the game’s Mods folder (the Mods folder needs to be setup first if you haven’t done so already – I think I used ModTheSims for the download/tutorial).

    I then ran the game and the buildings appeared! My thought on this is it needed the RabbitHole mod installed before the world so the game would recognize it properly.

    The instructions on this world are very limited and therefore not helpful. Since this has been archived I think a lot of the information that noobs like me needed are gone. I leave this here in hopes of helping those who download after me.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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