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The Sims 3 Angel City

Description: Angel City is another Sims 3 Californian inspired world by Costerboi, based on the GTA V map of  Los Santos (Los Angeles). This world is the predecessor to Los Aniegos, but has been made smaller in order to run on lower end computers that couldn’t handle the larger worlds.

Creator: Coasterboi

Stage: Complete



Custom Content: Optional Ferris Wheel (not required or included in download)

Store Content: Lucky Palms and Sunlit Tides

Stuff Packs: None

Populated: Yes

From the Creator of Los Aniegos:

“Welcome to Angel City, my remastered, improved world based off of Los Angeles. Angel City features the same lots and sims you loved from Los Aniegos, but have been reworked, improved and upgraded into a much more beautiful and naturally flowing map that looks better than ever and performs much more smoothly. The world is directly based off of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar Games’ rendition of modern day Los Angeles.”

– Coasterboi

To find out more and download the word, visit Coasterboi’s post on the Sims 3 Forum. If you liked this world, you may also want to check out Los Aniegos and Red County by the same creator.

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  1. sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf

    i cant install it it says Wrong Version plz help

  2. __Helvete__

    The site doesn’t work, I can’t install the worlds, fix it pls..

  3. Melly

    @_Helvete_ Use the archived download, you doughnut

  4. Sàra Juañ

    it tells me download failed, that I don’t have the suitable update. It’s weird because it’s the only world I can’t download, I have all the expansions…. pls help

  5. Nintai

    Doesn’t work… this world never shows up in my list of worlds after installing the sims3pack. The older buggy version of his LA world does work however.

  6. fenris

    “Error” …. help?

  7. De

    Getting the same error as Sara J looks like this ones broken

  8. Myayenevyt

    says errorand sumthing about the last version , but i already instaled another worlds from here , plsss fix ett i rlly like ur work !!

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