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The Sims 3 Alpine County

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Description: Large American seaside city with suburbs, golf course, forest, countryside and mountains with Texan terrain.

Creator: Western077

Stage: Complete


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Welcome to Alpine County! 

I started building the Alpine County in the summer of 2011 with the aim of making a world that had everything my Sims might need during their lifetime without having to move to another world. I wanted to build something that had enough variety so that as the family grew into their various life stages, they could all find somewhere nearby that suited them. Hopefully you will find a neighbourhood in Alpine County that suits your Sims 🙂

Although there is a county in the US named Alpine County, this world is not a copy of it. It instead is a hybrid mixture of several of my favourite places, with a predominately American theme:

Texas. The world uses a lot of Texan style McMansions and terrain.

Virginia. The sprawling suburbs and shopping malls, although common in much of the US, were copied from my visits to Virginia.

California. The golf course and some of the shopping Malls use Californian architecture.

Florida. The beaches and tropical resort have a little bit of inspiration from the Sunshine State 🙂

Mallorca. (a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean Sea). The ocean and mountains are partially influenced by this, but not enough to make it look like a European country.

UPDATES: What’s New?

So since releasing the complete version I’ve made a few changes. For starters, the world is now populated! Secondly, I tidied the forest area and added more vegetation to make it look more realistic when you use the first person camera view. I’ve also reduced the amount of kiosks that require NCPs so that hopefully the world will run a bit smoother, and the bug that was stopping the house icons from appearing appears to be working now. There is also now a science center, so unless there is anything else – enjoy! (unfortunately there will never be dive lots as the water is too shallow and can’t be made any deeper).

All of the Sims families in the world are taken from EA worlds, but I have given all of them some plastic surgery to de-pudding their faces and mixed it up a bit so that they will look and behave like brand new Sims that you have never met before 🙂

The world, as the name suggests, is a county, and not just a town. It’s split into several neighbourhoods, which are:

  • Downtown – this is the city center where all the clubs and skyscrapers are.
  • Commercial District – a sprawling suburban shopping district with giant Malls, restaurants, gyms and car parks everywhere
  • Gated Community – this is an exclusive neighbourhood containing giant McMansions in secluded part of town
  • Colonial Community – a cluster of middle class suburban houses
  • Affordable housing – cheap houses in cosy neighbourhood
  • Golf Course – A Californian themed housing development with spa and hotel facilities, and a golf course too 😉
  • Farmland – out of town farms in a rural setting
  • Large Forest & Lake – self explanatory
  • Abandoned village – a Victorian themed village which has been left to decay since it’s residents disappeared.
  • Tropical resort – away from the rest of the city is a small tropical resort by the sea.

So if you move one of your Sims to this world, he or she can grow up on a farm in the country, then move to the city as a young adult, start a family in the suburbs, get a job promotion and buy a bigger house in a gated community, go on vacation to a seaside hotel or camping by the lake in the forest, go on adventure exploring an abandoned village, divorce and move into a modern apartment nearby a huge commercial district, remarry and move to live by the sea, and then retire in a Californian style housing development on a golf course. All the while, the rest of you family can spread out across Alpine County and live their own unique lifestyle, making a big family reunion more far more interesting

Special thanks to those who helped build lots specifically designed for Alpine County:

EeriannaAsongforxxLil GemAnyayRubiinSadie Von Vanityseth_soul,

Some of the lots in the world were taken from other worlds, so special credit to:

Suva Diva by Nilxis

Los Aniegos by Coaterboi

Setra by Pyronium3

Mariners Reach by Johnnywr

I also used a few lots from the exchange, some I downloaded a long time ago and cannot find it’s original creator, but when I do I will add them to the list as they deserve credit for their awesome creations: bbordewykestyle36ruthless_kksusanna827

And a big thank you to all the Beta testers who helped spot any issues prior to the worlds release so hopefully you won’t encounter any 🙂


File size: 169 MB

The world is HUGE and unfortunately will only really be playable on high end computers, although it may work on less powerful ones with the graphics turned down.

Requires all EPs up to Island Paradise, and for your game to be up to date. However, the world will still run fine without Supernatural and University installed, but it won’t look the same as in the photos! If you don’t have any of the other EPs installed, then assume the world won’t work for you.

The world does not use any Custom Content, Store Content or Stuff Packs.

See the Trailer:

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  1. Nini

    Wow! You put a lot of effort into this. And it’s great. I’m enjoying it a lot.

  2. Rena

    Top favorite world of all time! I’ve played SO many different worlds and this tops it all!

    Sadly my game froze after a few hours playing in this world on a top spec computer and I had to shut down my computer losing all my work, but I can’t wait to play this again!

  3. Thomas

    This looks so cool! Will it be fine if i play without Supernaturals tho? I really don’t like supernatural people in my normal gameplay.

  4. Mir

    Downloaded it and played with. It’s gorgeous and amazing. The only thing I encountered is that it seems more laggy than other worlds, but that just as well might be me modding the game too much. I recommend this world to everyone.

  5. MIAF_Legion

    why is it when i click the download populated button, the name file is “AlpineCountyUnpopulated”?

    • admin

      Thank you for flagging this, we have corrected the links 🙂

  6. Cless

    i’ve been playing in this world for 3 generations, but suddenly the worlds getting laggy and i decided to move out ;( but it was a great journey. great work !

  7. Lilithiaris

    OMG this is absolutely amazing!! I am playing this world right now, and I LOVE it!! <3

  8. lovely

    yes amazing

  9. micheli

    Com certeza é o melhor mundo que já joguei. Sei que é o mais pesado também, com certeza. Mas é o preço por algo tão completo e incrível!!! Parabéns ao construtor!!!

  10. Kate

    Are there any diving spots?

  11. Louise

    I love this town, but I’m having an issue with both this one and Mayfield Springs suddenly, where the Sim panel doesn’t show up.
    It works in all EA worlds.

  12. Rocío

    Thomas se pueden desactivar las criaturas sobrenaturales dentro del juego y seguir teniendo la expansión instalada revisa en opciones creo que es la última pestaña

  13. Emmy

    I am unable to download a populated version of this town. I’ve tried both unpopulated and populated links. I’ve even tried the archived link. Does anyone know what to do??

  14. Nintai

    Not sure why but when I load this world up it has serious issues. I first noticed all of the map markers were missing. Next, I tried to move a sim into a lot and realized without map markers it’s pretty hard. I finally was able to move a sim in by picking a blank lot. One he was moved in there was no sim picture in the UI and build/buy mode were greyed out. I was able to access the BB mode with cheats. But when I entered could not build on the lot because it showed no sim selected and $0.00 in funds.

    Most of the worlds on this website don’t install with the TS3 installer or simply just don’t work at all for me. Los Aneiegos does but the world has too many errors in it. I was happy to see this one actually show in my list of worlds. What a disappointment.

    Some technical information—

    I am running on the latest version of the game with all buyable content on a modern system using the 4GB patch, graphics rules, and the memory edit. I am also using the smooth patch from MTS.

    I uninstalled all mods and cleared out my cache files then started a fresh alpine world to test and the problem persisted.

    There is one last thing I can think to try. Perhaps there was something wrong with the file itself before installation. I am going to try and clear it out from my game and reinstall a freshly downloaded version.

    If anyone has any suggestion I would be most grateful.

  15. La Toya Phillips-Blakeney

    I have downloaded but half buildings are missing please help thank you

  16. dommer

    I agree with Nintai. Im having the same issues.

  17. Kevin

    Whenever I download the populated version it says populated, but when I load into the world it is unpopulated

  18. Valery

    Hey boys and girls, if you still have these issues with mising icons or else, I’ll tell you about my problem and what helped me. I went into game, createrd a sim, everything was fine, though when i got into life mode, my character panel went blue and I couldn’t interract with it. The issue was that I haven’t installed the world in an appropriate way. This video may help you – Sorry if my English is bad (not my native, but hope you understood)

  19. Valery (again)

    Heyoo, I still had some problems with that, but I managed them and fixed them. Still if i created a sim the character panel at the begining was blue, to fix this issue just save the game, go to main screen and load the game again. And I had the same problem with missing tags/icons, it is easily fixed with Nras Master Controler mode, you need to click on town hall, then Nras and then reset all town and all objects in town. Also it is trully helpful to use 4gb patch, if you have 8 gb of RAM, but if you have more the greates option will be forcing your game to use the half of your RAM. You can do it in here – C:/Program files/The Sims 3/Game/Bin, then you’ll see the file called “Sims3”, it will be marked as configuration settings (type of file, like package for instance). Then you open it and you need to rewrite one thing this –
    MemoryUsageLimit = 20000000
    My RAM is 32 gb, so I’ve changed 2 for 16, if you have 16 of RAM then change 2 to 8 and so on. Always half of the RAM (you can find it in system description on your PC)

    So at that moment the world is really playable and i also have multiple mods and custom content installed and it still works fine, just some frizes sometimes (but again it’s due to mods I think, also have Nras story progression installed)

    So for this world you’ll rather have a really cool gaming PC, or play without mods and I’ll guess it will work fine.


    I downloaded the populated version. I could not select a house for my sim. It gave me no option. Do NOT download this world!! EPIC FAIL!!

  21. dwbl00

    Absolutely LOVE this world! No issues with lag or missing icons! Love that’s its already populated and the amount of detail is amazing!

  22. Autumn

    I also had the issue of map tags disappearing when moving sims in, I had to go into edit town and use freerealestate on cheat to move in, even starter homes.

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