Whimsical Ways – Custom Aspiration

The Sims 4 MOD: Whimsical Ways – Custom Aspiration DOWNLOAD This custom aspiration allows your sims to live a life of their own choosing! It focuses entirely on completing lots of whims from your sims, a total of 250 to complete the aspiration. ASPIRATION FEATURES CAS Location: Creativity Description: Your sim wants to live a life according to their whims! Bonus Trait: Quick Learner Reward Trait: Long Lived Aspiration Levels: 4 LEVEL 1: Oppression Freedom […]

Quiet Life Aspiration

The Sims 4 MOD: Quiet Life Aspiration QUIET LIFE ASPIRATION For non-ambitious sims who just want to avoid problems. “This sim just wants to live a quiet life. Mind your own business, and live long.” New Reward Trait: Pleased Details of the aspiration New Main Category: “Shielded” Family Oriented’s Bonus Trait Three levels: Materialist, Even-Tempered, Peaceful Materialist’s tasks: Be friendly 20 times, Watch TV for 12 hours Even-Tempered’s tasks: Be Fine 20 times, Socialize with […]

Higher Cost Aspiration Rewards from Store (based on Shimrod101?s Cheaper rewards)

The Sims 4 MOD: Higher Cost Aspiration Rewards from Store (based on Shimrod101’s Cheaper rewards) DOWNLOAD Mod Description I like to play my game on Long lifespans and with a little bit more difficulty. I searched for mods that make the aspiration rewards more expensive, but all I found was an older mod on here that made them cheaper: Shimrod101’s “Cheap Aspiration Rewards” I used his mod as the framework to make this one. Instead […]

Pleasure Aspiration

The Sims 4 MOD: Pleasure Aspiration DOWNLOAD Pleasure Aspiration Sims with the Pleasure Aspiration love wild nights out, cozy nights in, and what most Sims would consider “the good life”. This aspiration is for teen and older. CAS Trait: Carefree (Sims with this trait won’t get tense) Reward Trait: Chill (A life of fun and leisure has mellowed out your sim. Now your sim won’t become angry, tense or embarrassed.) Level 1 – Common Comfortlover […]

The Art of Flower Arranging Aspiration (Updated 1.47.49 Patch)

The Sims 4 MOD: The Art of Flower Arranging Aspiration (Updated 1.47.49 Patch) DOWNLOAD The Art of Flower Arranging Aspiration Update History Version 1.0 Updated to Game Version Added new social interactions: Discuss Favorite Flowers, Give Florist Lecture, Share Flower Arrangement Ideas and Talk About Flowers. Added new Buff Moodlet: Feeling Extremely Inspired. Fixed some texts. Additional Thanks to mauvejijno for his/her suggestion about “Discuss Favorite Flowers” and “Give Florist Lecture” interactions. Description: This […]

Homesteading – Part 1 – Aspiration

The Sims 4 MOD: Homesteading – Part 1 – Aspiration DOWNLOAD Is your sim tired of spending money on groceries? Do they want to eat healthier? Do they have a lot of free time? Well, then this is the aspiration for them! CaS Location It is found in it’s own, new main aspiration category: Eco Friendly. I might add others eventually as well. Traits It also has a new CaS bonus trait: Green Thumb, which […]

Herbalist Aspiration

The Sims 4 MOD: Herbalist Aspiration DOWNLOAD Herbalist Aspiration A herbalist is a practitioner of herbalism, and studies and uses plants for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. These sims enjoy learning about herbalism, and want to practice it as a form of alternative medicine. In CAS Trait: Faith A sim with faith has complete trust or faith in something. They believe, that despite whatever may occur, things will always work out the way they are supposed […]

Teacher’s Pet Aspiration

Teacher’s Pet Aspiration for The Sims 4 Create by jackboog21 Available at Mod The Sims Looking for a new child aspiration? Well, I have a treat for you! The Teacher’s Pet aspiration! ID: SC4-180119

(Italian Translation) Traduzione Italiana della Mod “BIMBO ASPIRATIONS AND TRAIT” Versione 0.5

Cari amici, grazie all’amico “DeepBlueFrog” ora le nostre simmine possono diventare Bambole di Sesso o Accompagnatrici. Bellissima Mod con 2 Aspirazioni Nuove L’accompagnatrice che deve trovare qualcuno che supporti il suo look e il suo stile di vita costosi. La bambola di sesso che deve diventare la bambola perfetta per quella persona speciale, o per chiunque altro. 2 nuovi tratti : Bimbo e Accompagnatrice La Mod potete scaricarla da qui : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4512-bimbo-aspirations-and-trait-for-the-sims-4-2017-11-05/ Si consiglia di […]

Olive And Cheese Plate Custom Food

Olive And Cheese Plate Custom Food for The Sims 4 Create by icemunmun Available at Mod The Sims Adds a custom Quick Meal to the game:Olive and Cheese Plate ID: SC4-180174

Lipoaspiration and Body Implants

Lipoaspiration and Body Implants for The Sims 4 by mrclopes This mod adds two new services that will send your Sim to do a Lipoaspiration or get Body Implants. ID: SC4-139050

Class Clown Aspiration

Class Clown Aspiration for The Sims 4 by scumbumbo Adds a Class Clown aspiration for children with reward trait ID: SC4-143387

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