Cup of Cozy Drink Kit – TSR Exclusive Mod


Published December 1, 2020

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Sims 4 Cup of Cozy Drink Kit – TSR Exclusive Mod


Created for: The Sims 4

This is the perfect tray of mixes and toppings for making that perfect ‘Cup of Cozy’. This object is not only the perfect piece of cozy decor – it also allows you to purchase Hot Cocoa and Spiced Apple Cider! Recommended to enjoy by the fire on a snowy day.

To use this object, place it anywhere in the game. Once the tray is placed, simply click on it to purchase either Hot Cocoa or Spiced Apple Cider for 7 simoleons. The chosen drink will be created on the tray. From there, your sim can drink it like any other beverage! There are no lot restrictions, pack requirements, or other mods needed!

Filesize: 761 KB kB

Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh

Available to download for free at The Sims Resource


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