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Welcome to “Blossom,” a charming two-story home that stands as a testament to the beauty of the Springs Florals collaboration. This residence invites you into a world of blooming wonders and tranquil living.

As you approach Blossom, you’ll be greeted by a profusion of vibrant flowers lining the front yard, creating a fragrant and visually stunning entrance. The exterior, adorned with a pastel color palette reminiscent of spring, sets the tone for the delightful experience that awaits inside.

The backyard of Blossom is a true oasis. A sparkling pool takes center stage, inviting you to cool off during warm spring days. Surrounding the pool are lush greenery and an abundance of flowers, creating a private haven where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Blossom is not just a home for your sims; it’s a celebration of spring’s rejuvenating spirit, where every corner reflects the collaboration between design and nature. This residence invites you to embrace the joys of the season year-round, providing a haven of comfort and beauty.


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