R female skin 1 – light

CREATED BY RemusSirion

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R female skin 1 – light for The Sims 4

by RemusSirion

My first female skin for The Sims 4!
Almost every part of this skin is ‘hand’-drawn and a few parts derived from a bunch of photographs.
The light skin version comes in 3 different colours at opacity levels of 100%, 90% and 80% each. It has a custom thumbnail and is located under skindetail category.

There is a dark, a fantasy coloured and a male version aswell, just check my profile 😀

Please do NOT copy or modify the skin or parts of it without asking me first!

~This skin is anatomically correct

Creator Notes

meet me on tumblr: http://remussims.tumblr.com

ID: SC4-109542


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