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Beauty Skin for The Sims 4

by Ms_Blue

I Present my biggest project to this date, the Beauty Skin. I wanted to make a soft and delicate skin that would be great for closeups and makeup. I ended up with this skin and added 5 versions with different eyes:
– V1: Beauty Skin
– V2: Asian, no eyelids
– V3: Asian, eyelids
– V4: Deep eye sockets
– V5: Extra Deep eye sockets

I also created a Light version of the skin (picture 1) and a dark version (picture 2) which means you now have 36 nuances to choose from. It’s a full face and body overlay that can be located under skin details with a custom thumbnail so it’s easy to find. Top part is anatomical correct while bottom is not. This is created for females only but can be used for males, although i do not recommend this. Teen to elder ( To use on teens you will need to change to adult, put on the skin and then change back).

Hope you like 😀

Creator Notes

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Credits: TSR and all the wonderful creators of CC and poses

ID: SC4-101376


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