Beauty Skin Female V2


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Beauty Skin Female V2 for The Sims 4

by Ms_Blue

New and improved features from my first beauty skin. I created 4 different faces in this version and created 4 different sims to show off my vision.

V1: Caucasian, Eyelids
V2: Asian, no Eyelids
V3: Black, Eyebag and lip shadow
V4: Asian, Eyelid and defined cheek

This is a full body overlay, anatomically correct except for the lower region. Can be used with custom and EA skintones. Works with tattoos. Female, Teen to elder and with custom thumbnail so it is easy to locate.

Creator Notes

POLICY: *Click*

Hair by Nightcrawler: *Click*
Sintiklia: *Click*
Alesso: *Click*

Credits: TSR and all the wonderful creators of cc and poses

ID: SC4-100810


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