Simon Greene – Freckled lad dreaming of the countryside (no CC, no mods, no sliders)



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A lover of all things natural, but animals especially, Simon is drawn to a quiet cottagecore life, away from the noise and commotion of the city.
Aspiration: Country Caretaker
Traits: Animal Enthusiast, Loves Outdoors, Vegetarian

This is my first ever contribution to the community. I was tired of having to install a million different CC’s whenever I wanted a good-looking sim, so I took it upon myself to make some sims without any CC, mods, slider, or what have you.

I’ve used content from the following packs, though most of it is clothing:

Get to Work, Get Together, Seasons, Island Living, Eco Lifestyle, Snowy Escape, Cottage Living, High School Years, Spa Day, StrangerVille, Werewolves, Bowling Night Stuff, Fitness Stuff, Laundry Day Stuff, Carnaval Streetwear Kit, Moonlight Chic Kit

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