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Bella Blue for The Sims 4

by Ms_Blue

Bella Blue is a sweet and shy girl who loves to be active and outdoors. She’s a bit of a loner and don’t have a lot of close friends but the ones she has she cherish. It doesn’t really bother her, in fact it gives her more time for her favorite passtime… collecting stuff ;p

Please take good care of her 😉

Creator Notes

No sliders used!

I have the following EP’s, GP’s and SP’s installed:
Digital Deluxe (Upgrade)
Get to Work
Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Perfect Ratio Stuff
Luxury Party Stuff
Holiday Celebration Pack
Life of the Party Digital Content
Up All Night Digital Content

This creation has custom content you will have to install separately to achieve the same look as pictured

Hair by Anto here: *Click*
Skin by me here: *Click*
Skintone by me here: *Click*
Eyes by me here: *Click*
Eyelashes by Kijiko here [[Kijiko]eyelash_version2]: *Click*
Hairline my remussirion here: *Click*
Eyebrows by Pralinesims here: *Click*
Contour by me here: *Click*
Eyeliner by ShojoAngel here: *Click*
lipstick by MYOBI here: *Click*
Lingerie by me here: *Click*

POLICY: *Click*

Credits: TSR, Sims4studio and all the wonderful creators of cc

ID: SC4-109076


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