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Adrianna Ricci for The Sims 4

by KittyMeow2

I’ve had quite a few requests for Adrianna, I don’t usually share my models but I thought why not?
So here she is in all her glory!
Please do not claim her as your own.

I didn’t add any clothing so you can dress her how you want!

Exspansions I have installed:

– Get to work
– Outdoor retreat
– Spa day
– Perfect patio stuff
– Get together
– Spooky stufff
– Romantic Garden Stuff
– Dine Out
– Backyard Stuff
– City Living
– Vampires
– Parenthood

Please look at notes to get the CC links used!

Creator Notes

No custom sliders have been used

Skin by Milarasims
Cheek Details by RemusSirion
Eyeslashes by Kijiko
Nose Mask by RemusSirion
Skintone by Ms_Blue
Hair by Cazy
Freckles by Alf-si
Eyebrows by me
Eyes by Pralinesims
Face Contour by Ms_Blue
Eyeshadow by me
Eyeliner by me
Lip gloss by Screaming_Mustard

Credits: All the creators of the CC that is used

ID: SC4-110171


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