ekj – SugarLol (Lipstick)

CREATED BY elliskane3


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ekj – SugarLol (Lipstick) for The Sims 4

by elliskane3

Ahh…Ahhh…AHHH!!! SUGAR RUSH!!!!! Your Sims are absolute sweet teeth, aren’t they? Well why not show it with this collection of whimsical, colourful, syrupy lipsticks!
Warning: interviews may become slightly unprofessional as you go around sporting a messy, candy mouth. xD

This delightfully sweet lipstick can be applied to any age and any gender!
This lipstick definitely DEFINITELY won’t cause hunger, hyperactivity, sugar rushes/crashes or headaches. 😉

Creator Notes

This is my first ever attempt at making lipstick, so I apologise if the quality isn’t as good as others! <3 Hair – Anto (Omen)
Eyelashes/Eyeliner/Blush/Skin/Eyebrows – Pralinesims
Eyers – SM Sims

ID: SC4-125633


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