S4 Glitter Eyeshadow

CREATED BY Margeh-75

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S4 Glitter Eyeshadow for The Sims 4

by Margeh-75

-a lovely subtle smoky glitter eyeshadow for your female sims
-10 colours
-cas thumbnail

Please do not reupload, modify, convert, copy or recolour my creations thank you!

For my models look i also used Pralines Eyeliner which is amazing http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-makeup-female-eyeliner/title/nina-eyeliner-n40/id/1343896/

and eyelashes by Kijiko http://kijiko-catfood.com/3d-lashes-version2/

ID: SC4-106236


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