The Butcher’s Son – Boho Chic Brunch Restaurant (CC)



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Fully furnished. 24 seats, 2 bathrooms, 2 bars, 2 host stations, 3 chef stations. Patio and skylights provide plenty of natural lighting. 30×20. §95,486. bb.moveobjects on

ung999’s Black White Dining Wine Bottle
SIMcredible!’s Theorem Study High Chair
Severinka_’s Construction Beam 4cell
Severinka_’s Construction Beam 3cell
Severinka_’s Construction Beam 2cell
Severinka_’s ECO Kitchen Bar Stool
Severinka_’s ECO Island Counter
Severinka_’s Daisy Bedroom Macrame
Severinka_’s Daisy Bathroom Metal Display
sim_man123’s Glade Glass Cups
sim_man123’s Go Into The Light
Wondymoon’s Zinc Wall Light
Wondymoon’s Ceiling Plant
BuffSumm’s Stock Container V1 Filled
BuffSumm’s Stock Container V2 Filled
BuffSumm’s Kitchen Narissa Blender
mutske’s Skylight Modern Flat 1×1
mutske’s Skylight Modern Side 4×1
mutske’s Skylight Modern Center 4×2
Winner9’s Constanta Mirror
ArtVitalex’s Kiester Mirror
Around The Sims 4 Alcohol Bottles
leosims’ Macrame Curtain
pocci’s Garden Breeze Window and Door Set
pocci’s Lilac Mini Set
Wondymoon’s Coffee Pack
Madhox’s Kitchen Debug Clutter

Expansion Packs:
Get to Work
Get Together
City Living
Cats & Dogs
Get Famous
Island Living
Discover University

Game Packs:
Dine Out
Jungle Adventure

Stuff Packs:
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff
Bowling Night Stuff
Laundry Day Stuff
Tiny Living Stuff

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