The Duo Retail Store



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This lovely lot was created By IJROU on The Sims 4 Exchange.
I added to it in order to accommodate a live-in family.
Let your sims own & live on this nice retail store lot!

The Live-In Duo Retail Store Lot uses items from:

Sims 4 Rewards
The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Upgrade (Base)
Snowy Escape             (EP10)
Eco Lifestyle                (EP09)
Discover University (EP08)
Get Famous                  (EP06)
Seasons                          (EP05)
Cats & Dogs                  (EP04)
City Living                      (EP03)
Get Together                (EP02)
Get To Work                  (EP01)
Jungle Adventure      (GP06)
Dine Out                          (GP03)
Tiny Living                      (SP16)

Lot Type: Residential/Retail

Lot Size: 30 x 20

Number of Floors: 3

Estimated Value: 379,000

Number of Beds: 7

Number of Toilets: 9

File Size: 258 KB

This lot is suitable for Magnolia Promenade.
I’ve updated it to include retail goods for sale.
For this lot to be functional as a live-in retail lot, you’ll need
LittleMsSam’s Live-In Business Mod.


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