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Cliff House is a modern house that, as the name suggests, was built on a hill. It impresses with its original shape, which blends in with the cliff. The house has a bedroom with a separate dressing room, two bathrooms, an open kitchen with dining and living room, and a laundry room. The floors where the bedroom and kitchen are located are surrounded by terraces. The interiors are bright and spacious and, despite the large windows, provide privacy, thanks to the terraces.

Lot size: 40×30
Value: 84,269
Value unfurnished: 37,329
Location: Windenburg
Lot type: Residential

First floor:
– 1 Bedroom
– 1 Bathroom
– 1 Terrace
– Staircase

Second floor:
– Staircase

Third floor:
– Kitchen with dining area
– 1 Bathroom
– Livingroom
– Laundry
– 1 Terrace

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