House Noel – 1

CREATED BY Noeltiersan


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The Sims 4 House Noel – 1

Fully Furnished Residential Lot designed by Noeltiersan

Available at The Sims Resource

First piece of Sims building after studying my first semester of Architecture.
A private adobe for a family for 4, probably 4 very sociable sims.
Very open backyard, You can see the basement garden from the top. brightly lit and a beautiful pool view as well.

Basement – Gym / fountain / workshop

1st story – Kitchen / outdoor dinning / BBQ area / open bar

2nd story – First bedroom / living room / Balcony

3rd story – Master bedroom and 2nd bedroom and study area

Each bedroom is accompanied by a bathroom, 1st story and basement has its own bathroom as well. 5 Baths / 3 Beds

This lot has been made only with the base game. So feel free to swap some rooms or areas for expansion content.

Creator Notes

*Only Requires the main game,

*No expansions needed.

*Do update to the LATEST patch to play as well.

**Crucial mods required for the entire facade :



Altara build set

Floral fountain
(this is for the basement fountain, not necessary if you want to replace it with expansion related stuffs.)

***Paintings / Rugs / Bookshelfs (Small mods that are optional if you have a more decent set of paintings / can be replaced)

Melinda Space nature paintings

Remember the 3 painting

Contemporary rugs

Longford study

This has been made with no considerations of the expansions so feel free to make some changes as long as there is no re-upload of this.

  • Value: 211511
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • ID: SC4-131633


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