French Renaissance Palace

CREATED BY Malolos The Great

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Sims 4 French Renaissance Palace

by Malolos The Great

A royal palace where your sims don’t need to see each other because it is just so big. Also, why will you need tv at your living room (that is so poor) when you can have a cinema! This house got indoor court and pool, Bowling room (because you’re not a peasant), Spa room, a huge ballroom and gallery, cellar, outdoor pool, garden, a very fancy dining room, secret passage, secret vault. A bunker! and tons of peasant’s quarters (because you’re not poor). I mean, why live as a peasant when you can live as a king! Come on and live in this palace and look down on other sims (because you can). A palace for your sims.

Filesize: 551 KB kB

Value: 2280616

Furnished: Fully

Decorated: Throughout

Bedrooms: 10

Bathrooms: 5

Stories: 4

Lot Size: Other

Custom content: No CC used

Available to download for free at The Sims Resource


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