Mechanic Shop/Retail

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Sims 4 Mechanic Shop/Retail

by deseraemb

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O’Connor Motors mechanic shop can be used as a functional live-in retail shop!!
It features one very large garage with everything a mechanic could wish for, including a fake car lift, a robotics workstation and a chemical analyzer.
The loft above the garage has an entertainment area as well as woodworking tables and a room full of gym equipment.
With access to the roof your sim can play at the card table, drink with friends from the bar or the juice keg or show some moves on the cardboard dance floor and no one in the city will see you!
There is also a smaller garage full of retail items ready to be purchased. I have play tested these items and they seem to be working just fine!! Although, no matter what I did, customers did not try to purchase the tool sets on the shelves on the wall, therefore I am not totally sure if they function correctly.
Upon entering the mechanic shop’s front doors you will be greeted by a front desk and a waiting area decorated with fake ATMs and bulletin boards.
A large office sits beside the entrance for role play transactions with customers. Only the laptop on the desk is functional, the PC in the corner of the desk is just for show.
A small kitchenette room with accessible offices will keep your employees fed and happy.
This build looks best in the town of San Myshuno!
This was a labor of love!! I would very much appreciate any feedback!

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