Stealthic – Daughter (Female Hair)

CREATED BY Stealthic


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Stealthic – Daughter (Female Hair) for The Sims 4

Women’s Hairstyle by Stealthic

-Transparency issues with the tail in the back since ponytails don’t work perfectly with Sims 4 shader
-Compatible with hats (Looks a little odd since the hairstyle is a high ponytail)
-27 Colors
-All LOD’s
-Teen through elder
-No body morphs
-Smooth weighting

Enjoy! Check creator notes if you’re having issues.

Creator Notes

Make sure you aren’t in laptop mode! And make sure you are updated to the latest sims version or it won’t show in game.
Please don’t retexture my hair with the mesh included.
Model and skin by me.
Ponytail has transparency issues because it was my first time experimenting with it with this shader. Ponytails don’t work well with Sims 4 shader.

ID: SC4-100033


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