Bibi collab part 2

CREATED BY The Kunstwollen


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Bibi collab part 2



Hello! So @bultae-ts4, @btsims​ and me decided to make a collab based on Bibi and her music video “Cigarette and condom”. Thank you so much for working with me guys, you are amazing 💜     


  • Bibi twintails V2

-Mesh and textures by me

-25 swatches

-Hat compatible

-Teen to elder

-Disabled for random

-All LODs


  • Bibi twintails  V2 color slider version

-Same features as the normal one

-You’ll get 25 swatches + color slider (infinite options)

-You need this mod to make the color slider version work properly


  • Bibi hair clips

-Mesh and texture by me

-15 swatches

-Find them in hat category

-Teen to elder

-Disabled for random


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