Stealthic – Envy (Female Hair)

CREATED BY Stealthic

Published October 22, 2017


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Stealthic – Envy (Female Hair) for The Sims 4

Women’s Hairstyle by Stealthic

Available at The Sims Resource

-No transparency issues
-Compatible with hats
-18 Colors
-All LOD’s
-Teen through elder
-No body morphs
-Smooth weighting

Have fun! Check creator notes if you’re having issues.

Creator Notes

Make sure you aren’t in laptop mode otherwise you will have blonde streaks in your hair and make sure your graphics are at a high setting.

Also make sure you are updated to the latest sims version, (which can’t be done with pirated games), or it won’t show in game.

Hair can be found near the top, where all my updos will be from now on.

Please don’t retexture my hair with the mesh included.

ID: SC4-100009


  1. Shadow

    Great mod but does have a small bug. the hair color didnt stick. i tried black hair hair, but it kept changin to white sadly..

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