10 Re-colors of Stealthic Haunting (Mesh Not-included)



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10 Re-colors of Stealthic Haunting (Mesh Not-included) for The Sims 4

Men’s Hairstyle by HairDoodle

10 Natural recolors of Stealthic’s Haunting hair.
All credits go to Stealthic ^^ and thanks for allowing recoloring ^^
Again this is a standalone so link to original is here^^ Be advise that hair will not work without the mesh from the original: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1283766
Okay just to let everyone what I have been up too. I liked my hair colors but I wanted more dimension to them so did a lot of researching to get the effect I wanted. You will find that the colors are a little bit changed but I’m very happy with them now. So any future hair recolors will be based on the colors you see with this submission.

Credits: All credits to “Stealthic” ^^

ID: SC4-114261


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