(WIP) A.I. Upscaled Food


Published December 1, 2020

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The Sims 4 MOD: (WIP) A.I. Upscaled Food

Available for download at Mod The Sims

This mod override all food textures with one 4 times bigger (upscaled) one keeping the original look, so you can get closer without it looking like an absolute mess. (mostly, some are so messed that it’s hard to make it good)

It’s a Work in Progress! It will take a long time to finish since to do base game + 4 dlcs took over 3 months. Feel free to warn me about bugs and issues, like foods using wrong textures and pixelated shines.

Separated version note: I’m aware of the colossal amount of files that it have and after deleting what you aren’t going to use I recomend you to merge all files with Sims 4 Studio, otherwise it can cause slow loading and even fps drops.
You don’t need the separated version if you don’t have all dlcs, it’s just ignored by the game and don’t make any difference!

Base game: Done. (Probably)
Journey to Batuu: Done.
Get Together: Done.
Get to Work: Done.
Snowy Escapade: Done.
City Living: 2% Done.
Outdoor Retreat: 1% Done.
Other DLCS: Not Started.

Notes: Base game have content from other DLCs (for some reason) that make the actual DLCs progress unknown.
Some models, like the Ambrosia, has been changed to fix some issues, so it don’t only change textures.
Some images was made on Sims4Studio preview just for textures comparison (because in game screenshots are really difficult to do), so ignore glitches like buggy transparency, lack of depth and shine effects for this ones.

If you have a weak PC, this probably isn’t a mod for you.
The game isn’t going to have more than 20 foods in the lot since it’s the size limit for sims (considering that they are all eating) but 4x textures still make it 16 times heavier.
Some things like onions that your sim cut in the table reflect in the gardening plants which can make the garden more heavier too.

-The merged version can’t be used with anything that change the food texture or model, but is the only(for now) that can be used with any price changes and small edits that don’t touch the textures.
-The separated version just need that specific food files to be deleted but still carry unnecessary data, not allowing small edits mods.


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