(UPDATED) Sims Use the Toilet Standing Up More Often


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The Sims 4 MOD: (UPDATED) Sims Use the Toilet Standing Up More Often

08/11/17 Unfortunately this mod was among the many mods that were broken by the Nov 7 patch. I have now updated it so it should work again!

So, I’ve always disliked how sims who can use the toilet standing up rarely do so. This is because sims will only do it if they are told to use the restroom while their bladder need is still green, but since people don’t usually tell their sims to use the restroom nor do they autonomously use it while their bladder need is still green we end up always seeing them sit down on the toilet instead. Fortunately, with a simple tweak, I managed to lower that threshold down a bit so that sims will pee standing up more often.
Since it’s such a simple mod, I don’t expect it to cause any problems or conflicts, but if it does then please let me know! Also, any feedback you have is greatly appreciated!

The XML files that are modified by this mod are:
S4_E882D22F_00000000_000000000000385B toilet-use-standing
S4_E882D22F_00000000_000000000000385C toilet-use-sitting


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