Try for Baby in Larger Households

CREATED BY claudiasharon

Published October 19, 2017


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Try for Baby in Larger Households for The Sims 4

by claudiasharon

Allows more Sims in a household and the ability to Try for Baby.

ID: SC4-138489


  1. Serena Simms

    I DONT SUGGEST THIS MOD AT ALL! I had a family of ten sims and thought it was great I aged the news babies into toddlers and tried to design the family and it deleted my older children(1 child and 1 teen) and I couldn’t get them back so until this is updated I don’t suggest this mod.

  2. Mark Duran

    It should be pointed out that, yes you can add family members and increase the size of your family beyond 8 sims, this mod and others do that.
    However the other mods are kind enough to also point out, that, while these mods do add sims to your household they are not compatible with the way Game CAS is designed and once you use these mods you can not go back into CAS you will lose your sims!!

    You can use other mods to change outfits from one saved outfit to another saved outfit that was previously saved.
    But!!! if you go into CAS to do anything you will lose sims. Mod authors have discussed this and maybe they have a solution but I haven’t seen it.

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