The Sims 4 MOD: Spoonie / Chronic Illness Custom Trait

  • Introduction
    Hi! Thanks for looking at my first ever mod. I’m quite new to the modding scene, so I apologise if there are a few bugs. If you’re wondering who I am, I’m Subob! I’m a 19 year old chronically ill person who spends far too much time playing Sims 4. However, I kind of wanted Sims I could relate to.
    Because I am chronically ill, I struggle with constant fatigue along with other things. This mod mainly focuses on that because I’m not sure how in depth I want to go yet. This mod was designed to work with Cats and Dogs and the latest patch.

  • Energy and Autonomy
    Energy decays 3x faster.
    Sims have the Lazy and Uncomfortable autonomy. This mainly boils down to autonomously taking naps.

  • What is a spoonie?
    A spoonie is someone who uses the Spoon Theory to describe their energy when dealing with chronic illness. It is a large community and surprisingly welcoming.

Possible Moodlets:


A disclaimer:
Whilst I am chronically ill, I certainly don’t intend for this mod to speak for all chronically ill people. All this mod does is increase fatigue. I’ll add more as my spoons allow me to, but this is certainly not all that a chronic illness does to you.

To do

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Mod Creator V3


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