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The Sims 4 MOD: Lot Trait Outfits

This adds a selection of lot traits to the (base)game that determine the outfit category sims wear on that lot:

  • Casual – Everyday Outfit
  • Black Tie – Formal Outfit
  • Sports Spot – Athletic Outfit
  • Chill Out – Sleepwear
  • Party Zone – Party Outfit
  • Swimming Hole – Swimwear
  • Career Opportunity – Career Outfit
  • Clothing Optional – Bathing Outfit (Nude)

Everybody, also bar crew and such, will adhere to the dress code – when possible:

  • Lot traits are a weak interaction compared to sim traits and object interactions, so those will override the outfit
  • To wear a career outfit, a sim needs to have one
  • Some generated roles will have their uniforms on. These can change into the dress code upon interaction
  • When the lot has more then one of these assigned, all bets are off

In all however, it allows for party dress at clubs, black tie lounges, cafe’s where sims stop over from work, and even nudist terrains.

Oct 7th 2017 – Separated the moodlets and such to a different mod (Lot Trait Moods). Renamed “Party Place” to “Party Zone”. Optimized the xml structure.

Feel free to expand and improve on this if you want to, just don’t claim you made it.


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