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The Sims 4 MOD: Handy Custom Trait

This trait was as far as I remember in the Sims 3 and probably in the previous ones too, SimmerSarah made a version and this is the mine.

Note: I dont was planing make own post from this trait but like had grow enough i doing but i only had one had one screenshot, later i will take more and update it. This is one update from i trait i post in SimmerSarah´s traits post, is updated with respect there i will erase the file from there. Remember this trait is WIP and can change in the future.


These Sims are equipped with a hammer and a whench! They are excellent for updating and repairing objects, and benefit from a greater gain from Handiness Skill and Rocket Science. The Handy Sims also benefit from a career boost in the astronaut career. They are happy when they are repairing things and when they reach mastery in the Handiness skill they feel more focused from time to time.


Work on a Rocketship
Become Focused
Buy a Pumpkin Carving Station
Woodworking Table
Carve a Pumpkin
Upgrade an Object
Upgrade a Warming Lamp to be Fire Safe
Upgrade a Hot Tub with a Stere
Upgrade a Hot Tub to be Unbreakable
Salvage Parts
Repair an Object
Level up in Handiness Skil
Give Repair Tips to Someone
Craft an Instrument
Craft an End Table
Craft a Wall Shelf
Craft a Wall Hanging
Craft a Tub
Craft a Toilet
Craft a Sculpture
Craft a Piece of Furniture
Craft a Mirror
Craft a Garden Pot
Craft a Garden Planter
Craft a Chair
Craft a Camping Mascot
Upgrade Rocket Defense System
Upgrade Rocket Fuel Tank
Upgrade Rocket with a Landing Computer
Upgrade Rocket with More Cargo Space
Upgrade Rocket with Stabilizers
Upgrade Rocket with Thrusters
Work on a Rocket for an hour

Increceded rate from skill growing:

Handiness Skill 50%.

Rocket Science Skill 20% .

Rised performace on careers:

Career Performance Astronaut 50%

Career Performance Teen Manual Labor 50%

A buff of + 1 in happiness when it is fixing things.

Once he reaches 10 from handly skill level, this Sim will occasionally receives a buff of +3 focused humor.

Languages: Spanish and English by me.

Latter today i must upload Computer Whiz trait, this is more complex so the presentation will be more hard for me write it in english. Soon(TM) i will must had ready my versions from Natural Born Performe trait, Natural Cook trait and Nurturing. After of them i will had finished Workaholic ( is ready but need some more test and maybe more features ), Angler, Socially Awkward, Green Thumb, Hopeless Romantic. And other ones, some original other no so much.

Why i am doing alternative trait to SimmerSarah´s one ?

The first 12 SimmerSarah´s Trait are simple, only add whimps, my version are more complex with custom buff and careers, skills and relationships changes. She last 3 trait was very good but i think i can add them more things so when come the time maybe i will do alternate version too.

By the way i get permit from SimmerSarah para update and make alternates version,

Additional Credits:

Mod Constructor V3 por Zerbu

Sims 4 Studio


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