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The Sims 4 MOD: Boxer Trait

This is just a simple trait for those who would like your Sims to be Boxers! (Thanks to Bobbo662 for the suggestion! )

Sims with this trait gain a +3 Energized Buff when using a punching bag.


This Sim just loves to spend their time using punching bags and keeping fit!


~ Become Energized
~ Buy a Basketball Hoop
~ Buy a Punching Bag
~ Buy a Rock Climbing Wall
~ Buy a Treadmill
~ Buy a Workout Machine
~ Discuss Fitness Techniques
~ Do a Workout
~ Use {Equipment} at the Gym
~ Use Punching Bag for an Hour
~ Work out
~ Travel to the Gym
~ Start a Hoops Challenge
~ Start a Dunking Challenge


~ Fitness skill increases 2x Faster

Career Performance:

~ Athlete Career increases 1.5x Faster

Additional Credits:
Made Via Zebru’s Mod Constructor V3


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