Toddlers can Eat from Cauldrons



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The Sims 4 MOD: Toddlers can Eat from Cauldrons

Available for download at Mod The Sims

This is a script mod. The .ts4script file must be placed directly into your mods folder.

Requires Realm of Magic.

Tired of your toddlers yelling about their hunger all day? Too bad, this mod doesn’t fix that.

What it does do is allow toddlers to feed themselves by grabbing a nice plate of mac and cheese from your cauldrons full of food.
The “Grab a Serving” interaction will be unlocked for toddlers when using this mod, allowing them to grab a plate of food directly from the cauldron.

Simply have an adult sim cook at your cauldron as usual, and your toddlers will be able to feed themselves, significantly reducing how annoying they are.

This is a pure script mod. There are no overridden game files contained in this mod.
Conflicts should be impossible.

How it works:

The script adds the Toddler age to the list of allowed ages for the following loaded resource: 00000015-E882D22F-0000000000034B4B cauldron_GrabServing
Even mods which replace that resource will not conflict with this mod. It will simply add the Toddler age to the mod’s age list.


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