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The Sims 4 MOD: Servo Hybrid Enabler

Available for download at Mod The Sims

Important Install Instructions
This is a script mod. The ts4script files you download MUST be placed directly in your mods folder or at most 1 subfolder deep.
The different versions of the mod (Vampire, Witch) may freely be downloaded together. They will not conflict.
Only use 1 version of the [Vampire] mod.

Discover University: It’s the pack with servos.
Vampires: if using the vampire mod.
Realm of Magic: if using the witch mod.

This is a pure script mod. It does not overwrite any game files. It should be compatible with anything.

Currently supported occult life states: Vampires, Witches
Aliens are coming soon.
Mermaids would take a bit of work to get around the whole “water kills robots” thing…

What this mod does:
This mod removes the trait-based restrictions that prevent servos from gaining occult life states: Currently only Vampire and Witch.
Your servos will be able to become fully functional vampires and witches, finally allowing you to have the magical robot of your dreams.

To make your servo into a vampire or witch, you can either use the normal in-game interactions with Gauntlet101010’s Hybrid Stabilizer mod (in the recommended mods list), or you can use the limitless power of cheating to add the traits to your servo.

Recommended Mods:

Motive Sort Override:…t-override.html
Allows the motive panel to properly display needs for servo-vampires.Sims 4 Hybrid Stabilizer (By Gauntlet101010):…lizer-742150773
Unlocks the in-game interactions needed to turn your servos into vampires or witches.Buy Vampire/Witch Perks and Weaknesses:…or-hybrids.html
Allows Servos who are simultaneously vampires and witches to buy perks through a new pie menu.Humanized Servos (By SweeneyTodd):
I recommend you use this if you want to keep your servo vampire’s dark form.Sims 4 Servo Outfit Unlocked (By Gauntlet101010):…ocked-823823228
Unlocks the servo outfit in CAS. I recommend using this if you use the Humanized Servos mod and still your your servo’s “human” form to look robotic.Servo – Complete Conversion (By Qahne):…conversion.html
Unlocks the sims 2 style servo outfits. The vampire and witch themed outfits are of particular interest.

Note for Vampire Servos

The motives panel will, by default, only display the vampire needs in the needs panel. Use my motive sort override mod (in the recommended mods list) to restore the proper display.

There are 2 versions of the Vampire mod. (Thirst) and (No Thirst). Only use one of them.Thirst – Vampire servos will keep the thirst need.No Thirst – Vampire servos will not have the thirst need. (To keep the needs panel from becoming too cluttered).When your servo becomes a vampire, they will instantly switch to their dark form which will appear human-looking (at least until they encounter a loading screen).If you don’t want your servo to have an alternate form: Delete the dark form in CAS (May require MC Command Center and the cas.fulleditmode cheat) or use Gauntlet101010’s Hybrid Stabilizer Mod to lock out all occult forms for your servo.If you want to keep separate-looking forms: Use the Humanized Servos mod to “humanize” them (to prevent their appearance from being reset whenever the game loads). Then customize their forms in CAS (With MC Command Center and the cas.fulleditmode cheat). The unlocked outfits mods in the recommended mods list will enable you to select the servo outfits if you want your forms to look robotic.

Note for Witch Servos

They work perfectly from what I can see. No issues found.


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