riv_rel – distant relationships!

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The Sims 4 MOD: riv_rel – distant relationships!

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Hello! I’m Riv and this is my very first mod, riv_rel! This should not conflict with any other mod as it doesn’t modify anything in-game; it just adds several console commands showing family relationships between two sims, with distant relationships in mind. I know I can’t keep track and I’ve always wanted to pick up Python anyway, so this was a fun challenge!

I’ve tested quite a bit with my own legacy (screenshots included) but I’m not sure how well it works with sims who have multiple relationships, such as double first cousins. Please let me know if you get any errors!

How to install: Unzip riv_rel.zip, and then move riv_rel.ts4script into the Mods folder (or Mods/foldername, but it cannot go any deeper than this)

How to use: Open the console with CTRL+SHIFT+C, and then enter one of the commands below, where sim_x and sim_y can be written using the sims’ full names or their sim ID. If the sims aren’t found then you’ll get an error, probably that _connection has too many arguments. If your sim has a space in their first/last name, you need to put quotes around this name (for example, J Huntington III has to be written as J “Huntington III” or “J” “Huntington III”).

Main commands:riv_help = lists all commandsriv_rel sim_x sim_y = finds biological relationshipsriv_get_parents sim_x = lists parentsriv_get_sib_strength sim_x sim_y = tells you if two sims are full/half/not siblings (if it is unclear due to parents not existing, it’ll assume they are full siblings)
Extra commands:riv_get_direct_rel sim_x sim_y = finds direct relationships onlyriv_get_indirect_rel sim_x sim_y = finds indirect relationships onlyriv_show_relbits sim_x sim_y = lists all relationship bits (not nicely formatted)riv_get_ancestors sim_x = lists all ancestors (not nicely formatted)
I plan on developing this more later, but for now the supported relationships are only the direct/indirect biological relations shown below (kids adopted via the computer/wishing well count as biological, since I haven’t seen anything in the game distinguishing them).

Direct relations:great(x[number])-grandparentgreat-grandparentgrandparentparentselfchildgrandchildgreat-grandchildgreat(x[number])-grandchild
Indirect relations:pibling (aunt/uncle)sibling (sister/brother)nibling (niece/nephew)(nth) cousin (m times removed)
Limitations:Some sims may lose the relation if an ancestor joining them is culled. For now my code just checks for common ancestors and it fills in the gaps if it finds indirect relatives with a relationship bit (siblings, pibling and nibling, [first] cousins).Relationship culling can also get rid of parents apparently, even if they still appear in the family tree?? I don’t know how to work round this.This won’t actually add any relationship bits, so your sims still won’t recognise their great-grandparents or second cousins as family members.
I have a list of relations (particularly in-laws) and functionalities (researching genealogy or asking another sim what your relationship is to them) that I plan to introduce later, but this is just a passion project while I’m working on getting a job so I don’t know when I’ll get round to figuring out enough XML to add computer/social interactions that give notifications. Anyway, enjoy


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