Reduced Mourning from Death Notifications



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The Sims 4 MOD: Reduced Mourning from Death Notifications


This tuning mod reduces the Duration and Intensity of Mourning that happens when Sims are notified by phone call of a death of someone they know.

In particular, mourning for the death of sims with which there is a minor relationships level, like friends and acquaintances, is backed off very significantly.

Major relationships like parents and a spouse are not changed from the EA settings.


Sims are getting phone calls advising them or the death of a sim with which they have some sort of relationship. A very long mourning period with a very strong sad buff is then applied to the sim. This seems fine if the relationship is for a parent or spouse. However, a sad +3 buff that lasts for 2 days just because some random sim with a friend relationship level has died seems wrong.

This tuning mod reduces the level of the sad buff and applies it for a shorter time for the more minor relationships.


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