Realm of Magic Cooldown Mods


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The Sims 4 MOD: Realm of Magic Cooldown Mods

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As a storyteller primarily, it drives me crazy when I can’t quickly make what I want. I’ve become obsessed with playing the spellcasters and when I couldn’t find the mods I was looking for to turn off the cool down, especially for learning spells, I decided to make one.
This mod basically sets the cooldown from 1440 in game minutes to 1, meaning you can learn ALL the spells extremely quickly.
I also messed with the cauldron cool down for learning potions and set that to 1 minute as well.

In addition, it made no sense to me that the glimmerstone couldn’t be used multiple times (since a portkey in Harry Potter doesn’t have that restriction). So I set that cooldown period to one minute as well.

The screenshots show that there was about a minute between my sim asking for a spell, being granted one, and then being allowed to ask a new one from Morgyn.


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