Fancy Model Pose Pack- Game Poses



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Fancy Model Pose Pack- Game Poses for The Sims 4

by JavaSims

Hello, Today I have 3 sexy fashion poses for you!
These are In-Game Poses NOT CAS Poses!
In order to use these poses, you MUST have
Andrew’s Pose Player! There are 3 different pose’s,
to show off your clothing, or accessories!
Get a good picture with these poses. These poses
will NOT stretch clothing at all, All bone placement’s
are smooth (No going through other skin or clothing)

* 3 Premium Poses
* Smooth Assignment (Will not go through clothing or skin)
* Preview’s Available in Pose Player

Creator Notes

(Andrew’s) Pose Player:

If you want a good quality picture please pause the game,
once pose is chosen, and go into TAB (Camera Man) Mode
And use “Print Scan” for higher resolution ;)!
Have Fun!!!! <3 Additional Credit’s:
PralineSims, Stealthic, S-Club, etc

Credits: Pose Player By: Andrew(SimsStudio) Created With: Sims Studio Dress By: Me

ID: SC4-113842


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