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The Sims 4 MOD: Photography Aspiration

Available for download at Mod The Sims

When photography was introduced to Sims 4, it was a bit of a let down for me as it wasn’t much like everything included for painting: no career, no aspiration, no skill development upto 10 (Photography goes upto 5).
This aspiration tries to fix that, partially.
(The Photography Career is already part of the “The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack”)MindB_ender_Asp_Photography – adds the Photo-Artist aspiration.
Details:Adds the “Photo-Artist” aspiration to the Creative category.Adds the “Tripod camera” build object to Activities > Creative, unlockable by completing the aspiration.Doesn’t overwrite anything and should not conflict with any other cc.
The aspiration includes 4 levels; 4,975 satisfaction points:Amateur – 3 objectives; 375 satisfaction pointsSemi-Pro – 3 objectives; 750 satisfaction pointsPro – 3 objectives; 1350 satisfaction pointsPhoto-Artist – 4 objectives; 2500 satisfaction points; Tripod camera unlocked and added to sim inventory
I’ve tried to make the aspiration at least somewhat challenging; so you can’t just stand somewhere, click the shutter repeatedly while pointing the camera at a blank wall: Your sim will have to get out and about, meet other sims and have different moods while taking photo’s. (Doing this aspiration after you’ve completed the “Friend of the World” aspiration is easier.)
And of course there is somewhat a focus on gear: getting that fancier camera…

Reward: The Tripod CameraA mobile version of the Photo-Studio. Sims can carry it around in their inventory.Allows drag-and-drop placement in world and inventory on lots.Allows “Place in World” and “Put in Inventory” off lots.Orientation upon placement based on player view (Drag and Drop) or sim orientation (Place in World)Has a (far) smaller footprint then the Photo-Studio.Has no background screen or big lighting tripods, just a spray-can (or chalk) X to mark the spot on the floor for models to stand at.Also works as an expensive camera without setting up: just click “take photo (of)” in the inventory.Has a lighting point you can interact with like with any other lamp.
The Tripod Camera is unlockable by completing the aspiration, but you also use the bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat of course.

Have fun taking (lots of) photographs!

Additional Credits:
Feel free to expand and improve on this if you want to, just don’t claim you made it.
I’m not going to make a stand-alone Tripod Camera, sorry.
There is a good chance someone else already made a custom Photography aspiration, and you should be able to have any installed together (slightly depending how the other custom aspirations have been made).


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