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The Sims 4 MOD: Pet Themed Holiday Traditions

Who doesn’t want to take a day off and just spent it with your pets, playing and pampering them, cooking special food for them and even celebrating their birthdays! So

I came up with the idea of adding these custom traditions.

This mod adds 9 new holiday traditions to the game

Custom holiday traditions

1. Feel the love – Spend time with your pets and feel the love!
2. Play with Dog – Take some time off to play with your pets. Have the best time of your lives!
3. Teach tricks – Take the time to teach your dog some tricks and be proud of them when they master the trick!
4. Play with Laser pointer – Whip out the laser pointer and have some fun times with your cat!
5. Meet or Adopt – Meet a new animal and maybe adopt a pet too!
6. Cook for Pet – Show off your cooking skills and prepare some homemade food for your beloved pets.(Homestyle and gourmet food)
7. Pamper pets – Brush your pet’s coat and give them a bath.
8. Go for a walk – Take your canine friend on a walk!
9. Age up Pets – It is your Pet’s birthday!

— All the new traditions can be found in the holiday tradition selection window from the calender.
—The tradition has custom likes and dislikes based on traits and has appropriate icons.
— All traditions are fullfilled by singular action except ‘Pamper pets’ and ‘Play with Laser pointer’ which requires the actions to be performed twice.

Optional Overrides

1. icemunmun_FeelTheLove_ReducedCooldown – Halves the cooldown time from 8 hours to 4 hours for ‘ Feel the Love’ interaction on pets . This is helpful when

more than 1 family member wants to fulfill the ‘Feel the love’ tradition.

Resources overriden6017E896!00000019!0000000000029B57.buff_Pets_FeelTheLove_TargetPet_Cooldown.BuffTuning

2. icemunmun_AgeUp_pet – Overrides makes the debug interaction available on the pet without cheats . Useful for the ‘Age up Pets’ holiday tradition.

Resources overridenE882D22F!00000019!0000000000027B52.ageUp_Target_Pet_Debug.InteractionTuning


Any mod which changes the above two resources will conflict. The Traditions don not override any resources!

Patch compatibility

— Requires Sims 4 Cats and Dogs and Sims 4 Seasons

— Patch LevelPC Mac


— Sims4studio


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