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The Sims 4 MOD: No Free Food!

This mod is my version of newtoongamer’s “No Free Snacks” mod here on MTS. It hasn’t been updated in a while which is a shame for those of us who like those small touches of realism in our games! So I read a tutorial, downloaded the necessary programs and got to work learning how to do some basic XML editing!

This mod does the following:

1. Edits the free food and drink items from the fridge, microwave, coolers and campfires to have prices between 1 and 3 simoleons.
2. Toddler food and drink items are now all 1 simoleon.
3. The vending machine from Get to Work has been fixed and prices adjusted. Two food selections were broken and un-selectable.

Water is still free from all sources.

Requires Get to Work and Outdoor Retreat for cooler, campfire and vending machine.

Any mods that edit the following files will conflict with this mod!

Edited XML Files

Made with game version (Nov 15, 2017)

Tools Used

Additional Credits:
A special thank you to the following:

Maxis for creating and maintaining The Sims 4.
newtoongamer for making the original mod!
The authors of the programs used to make this mod.


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