Functional Spice Racks

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The Sims 4 MOD: Functional Spice Racks

Available for download at Mod The Sims

!Only download the racks compatible with the game packs you have purchased!

What this mod does:

Adds four spice racks (Maxis Meshes) that allow you to buy and store herbs.

Included spice racks (and corresponding game pack):

Spice of Life (Base game) 45§
Kept Spice Rack (Base game) 45§
Taste of Umami (Cool Kitchen) 45§
SpiceBox Duo (Dine Out) 45§

Purchasable herbs:

Anything Maxis classifies as an herb as well as any custom content the creators tagged as herbs, such as Icemunmun’s custom harvestables.

Where to find them:

These are not default replacements so the new racks can be found in build mode under miscellaneous storage, titled as “Functional [Insert original name of rack here]”.

How to download:

1.) You MUST download the MAINFlowerBunnyFunctionalSpiceRacks file, this is what makes the mod function

2.) Download the RACKS file and transfer the spice racks you’d like added to your game into your mods folder (Note that you can only download the files for the game packs you have purchased)

3.) If you don’t already have a mod preventing storage containers from sharing inventories (such as BrazenLotus’s Inventory-Not-Shared Mod), or haven’t downloaded the updated version of my functional fruit bowls mod, download the OPTIONALFlowerBunnyStorageChestTuning file


Any other mod that changes the “objects.components.inventory_type_tuning” tuning file has the possibility of conflicting

If you’ve downloaded my functional fruit bowls mod, be sure to update it or the storage chest tuning files will conflict

Note: This mod also slightly changes the way storage chests function. Storage chests will no longer share inventories between each other; this is so that the spice racks won’t share an inventory with anything in your storage chest(s).


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