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The Sims 4 MOD: Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility (v1.1.2)

Available for download at Mod The Sims

Birth control pills, plan b, abortions, miscarriages, and more coming soon!

Cycle adds menstruation and woohoo risk as problems your sims must deal with. Trying for babies is no longer so easy, and having a night of ecstasy with your partner is no longer so safe. Use caution to avoid unwanted rug rats or carefully track your sim’s fertility in order start a family.

Note: This mod plays best with long or even paused lifespans. Those of you who enjoy playing with many generations of sims; this mod is likely not a good match for you.

v1.1.2 ChangesChanges in Cycle’s toolkit fixed various bugs caused by MCCC, WickedWhims and more.WickedWhims SupportCycle now has basic support for the mod “WickedWhims”. I don’t understand why some of you like this mod. I’ve added support because many people seem to want it and some are just ignoring my warnings about the two mods being incompatible.”Woohoo” interactions added by WickedWhims now consider the fertility of sims, according to Cycle.WickedWhims’s period system is now disabled and replaced by Cycle.Cycle’s condoms boxes must be unpacked before they can be used with WickedWhims’s interactions.
FeaturesSimulates the menstrual cycles of sims who should have one.Adds negative moodlets that can appear when a sim starts their period.Pregnancy can now only start if a sim woohoos while fertile.Teenagers can now get pregnant through their ‘mess around’ interaction if they are not careful.Regular woohoo is now dangerous, sims must now buy protection, avoid woohoo on fertile days, or risk it with the withdraw method.Use the cycle tracker phone app to keep track of fertility and menstruation.
Supported ModsWicked Whims by TURBODRIVER – Cycle has basic support for Wicked Whims. I’m not interest in keeping a constant watch on this mod to make sure the support still works, send me a message if a new version isn’t working.
Incompatible ModsMC Woohoo by Deaderpool – This causes the try for baby interactions to not consider fertility. Normal woohoo works as intended, but use of the risky woohoo setting will likely cause this to break too. This mod would be supported right now, but the creator felt the need protect their MOD FOR THE SIMS 4’s source code as if its a big government secret.Slice of Life (Menstrual Cycle Module) by kawaiistacie – You only need to delete the menstrual cycle module, everything else should work fine. Leaving the menstruation module in will cause your sims to have two cycles at once. Nothing is lost by using this mod instead, the Slice of Life version is relatively simplistic.
Questions and Answers
Q: Can I install this mod without having to start a new game?
A: Yes! You should be able to install this mod at any point in your play-through without issue.
Q: How easy is it to remove this mod? Will uninstalling it break my save game?
A: This mod can be easily removed by deleting all its files or using the mod’s included uninstaller. Removing this mod mid play-through should cause no issues.
Q: How do I buy woohoo protection?
A: You can buy such items with a computer, just go to the order menu and select “purchase contraceptives”. Alternatively, If your living off the grid or just don’t own a computer, you can order woohoo protection buy mail using a mail box.
Q: How do I know when a sim is fertile?
A: Download the Dot Period & Ovulation Tracker app to the phone of a sim who has a menstrual cycle and select the “show cycle status” option.
Q: How can I adjust long a menstrual cycle should last?
A: Click any sim and go to NeonOcean > Cycle > Mod Settings. Once you’ve entered the mod settings dialog go to Time Settings > Reproductive Speed.
Q: How many days should I set cycles to last for?
A: Generally, I recommend setting it to as long as you think you could be bothered to wait for. I think about 8 days is the best mix of not having to wait for ever and not having a sim’s fertile window be too short.
Q: How short could I reasonably make a cycle last?
A: All though you are allowed to go to about as low as 1 day, I do not recommend less than 3 days. At around 3 days or less, you will start to experience some issues. For example, your sim’s periods might be too short for the effects to actually appear. If you elect play with such short cycles, the use of quick mode basically required in order to have the any possibility of pregnancy.

Mod Links
Changes Log –…/cycle/#changes
Documentation –
Sources Repository –


  1. Scarlett Ward

    Lovely game helpful for children learning about bodies

  2. Scarlett Ward

    Lovely game helpful for children learning about bodi

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