CAS Backgrounds Pastel Beach Screens


Hey! I made a little package with 5 CAS backgrounds included. These are in the theme “pastel beach” and make your game even cuter :3 ♥ Just pick one background at a time! Otherwise it won’t work.

Download instructions:

1. Simply extract the files located in the zip-file (for example on your desktop)

2. Pick your favourite background (you must copy the .package-file, NOT the .png-file)

3. Paste your picked .package-file into your mods folder which is located in your game files
(you can create a subfolder named “CAS Background” for easier structure if you want)

4. IMPORTANT: remove all other CAS backgrounds (.package-files) in your mods folder if you have any, if not please ignore this step. This is necessary because the game can only detect ONE background. If you have more than one .package file (with “background-function”) your game might crash!


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