Wellness Career

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The Sims 4 Career: Wellness Career

As i was missing a related career since Spa Day was released, Neias Create-A-Career tool finally made it possible for me to create my own version:

It is a 10 level rabbithole career, salary set roughly around maxis standards.
Main skills are Wellness and Herbalism, so Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat are both required to play this career mod, as well as the Neia_Careers_Commons.package which is included in the zip file.

The Career was created with patchversion and Neias Create-A-Career tool beta, so no job outfits, daily tasks, or rewards.

Career Details:
Sims start out as wellness class tutor and have the chance to specialise as traditional medicine master or yoga guru. I’ve dared to immodestly mix traditions, cultures and disciplines, “simmified” some of them and added a pinch of “new age vibe” to make this career fun to play along with. The Traditional Medicine Master branch is a bit more challenging, due to the use of the herbalism skill.


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