Ultimate SFL Player Career


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Sims 4 Career Mod: Ultimate SFL Player Career

Available for download at Mod The Sims


  1. CinnamonEQ2

    I thought I try this out, but due to in game rewards perks that start you out at higher promotion & global fame perks that give my sim double pay and faster promotions this mod (job) was very short lived, I only lasted a one day with a so-call serious injury and would not call getting promoted to the 3 choices a promotion…than to top it off this sim is a vampire so the injury thing seems a little bit extreme especially on his first Monday night football. At least three strikes, than maybe a injury would of been better. I was getting paid more in the military that what was offered, but I got booted out because I was trying to combat the strange thing in Strangerville. lol

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